Our Expertises

Property Law

We also have various legal services regarding housing, apartment construction, hotels, malls, and other property buildings, including all permits from the development planning stage to sale and purchase agreements, both for personal and corporate purposes.

State Owned Enterprise (BUMN) & Regional Owned Enterprise (BUMD)

Energy & Mining Law


Oil & Gas Law

The oil and gas industries continue to be in demand by both domestic and foreign companies. However, due to its wide impact both ecologically and economically, this management is faced with the complexity of legal obligations and responsibilities, such as corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental functions. According to regulations and laws, our role is to assist and provide solutions to possible risks for the Company.

Restructuring, PKPU and Bankruptcy


Insurance Law

The high potential risk of loss encourages the interest of many individuals or companies to use insurance as a preventive measure. We provide legal services in the field of insurance for insurance companies, for the insured in dealing with problems in the field of insurance law.

Foreign Investment (PMA)

Domestic Investment (PMDN)


Intellectual Property is a valuable asset and has economic value, so it should be protected legally. We are here to make it easier for companies to register intellectual property with the Directorate General of Intellectual Property of Indonesia and at the same time we can also handle all legal issues related to IPR violations.

Maritime Law

Indonesia is an archipelagic country and is on its way to the world maritime axis, certainly Indonesia provides many economic opportunities in the marine sector. Given the complexity of the rule of law in this field where there are many international legal instruments, of course, it requires legal professionals who understand the rules in the field of maritime law. We have a team that is competent in the field of maritime law and has experience in handling cases in this field both at national and international levels.

Banking & Finance

Electronic Commerce

The development of trade that utilizes electronic technology that is borderless where transactions between countries can be carried out easily, of course requires compliance from a legal perspective due to the growing number of legal rules governing electronic transactions and data privacy as well as international legal instruments. Therefore, we are here to help business people in this sector to provide solutions in all legal aspects of the company in order to mitigate legal risks that occur in electronic transactions.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The development of a business can be achieved through individual investors or legal entities. Even legal entities can take over other legal entities to increase capital. For this purpose, legal assistance is needed by legal professionals who are competent in the field of business law and competent in conducting legal audits (legal audits) to provide a complete picture from the legal side for companies wishing to conduct mergers and acquisitions.


With the development of the capital market sector in Indonesia as indicated by the increasing companies from year to year, as well as the increasing number of capital market investors in Indonesia, a competent legal consultant in the capital market sector is needed to provide legal opinions and due diligence appropriate for companies that are preparing to go public.

Moreover, the role of a capital market legal consultant is also needed in terms of providing legal assistance for public companies that will carry out corporate actions, such as mergers, acquisitions, rights issues, dividend distribution, stock splits, and others.

In the financial markets sector, the roles of capital market legal consultants include the issuance of commercial papers, mutual funds, and others.

In the banking sector, both conventional and sharia, the role of a capital market legal consultant includes providing legal assistance in the issuance of securities such as bonds, sukuk, and others.

Currently, our office has legal consultants in the capital market sector who have been certified and registered with the Association of Capital Market Legal Consultants and the Financial Services Authority.

We are always committed to upholding the values of the professional code of ethics for capital market legal consultants when performing our duties and roles as legal consultants in capital markets and financial markets, so that we can provide our clients with professional legal services.