Practice Field

General Court

Our office has an Advocate who was registered as a Member of PERADI (Indonesian Advocates Association) who has experience in representing the interests of Clients as Lawyers at the District Court, High Court, and Supreme Court Levels.

Industrial Relations Court

We are a law office that focuses on the economic sector, so employment matters are crucial to our business. We are here to assist individuals and companies in resolving labor disputes within the Industrial Relations Court as well as at the Bipartite and Tripartite levels.

Civil Court of Justice

Corruption Court of Justice

Tax Court of Justice

In the event of legal issues in taxation, the role of a qualified Legal Counsel is required to accompany or represent the Taxpayer at the trial in the Tax Court of Justice. We can provide services as legal counsel for taxpayers, both individuals and legal entities, in terms of proceedings at the Tax Court of Justice in Indonesia.

Fisheries Court of Justice

In the event of a legal issue in fisheries which is under the jurisdiction of the Fisheries Court of Justice, we can assist and represent the client for proceedings at the Fisheries Court of Justice.

Shipping Court of Justice

The Shipping Court of Justice may conduct a follow-up examination in the event of a ship accident after a preliminary examination by the harbormaster. One of the specialties of our law office is in the field of maritime law where we have a team that has experience in handling ship accident cases both at national and international levels.