Our Services

Legal Audit

Legal Audit is a legal examination and analysis regarding to legal compliance or legality, assets and liabilities or debts, transactions and other legal actions, as well as various legal problems faced and their handling or settlement. By conducting a legal audit, it is expected to reduce the risk of material losses and legal problems from a company.

Currently, our office has experienced Legal Auditors registered with the Indonesian Legal Auditors Association (ASAHI) so, they have a competence to conduct Legal Audits.

Contract Drafting

Moreover, we provide legal services in the form of contract preparation/assistance that is entirely safe for clients and beneficial for the implementation of their contracts, because every contract we draft and the assistance we provide in contract preparation always considers all aspects both of the regulations, company interests, and risks that may occur in the future.

Contract Review

Legal Opinion

To consider a legal step, it is important to obtain an objective legal opinion on the legal event, with suggestions/recommendations for settlement.

In preparing legal opinions, we always describe the legal analysis in its entirety, contain the stages of problem solving, and consider all aspects both of the regulations, company interests, and risks that may occur in the future, so that they are truly applicable and safe for the company.

Company Permanent Legal Consultant Services

Ronny Indrawan & Associates, a Law Firm specializing in business law is present as a partner for business actors in the form of providing permanent legal consulting services for companies that are “one stop legal solutions” by providing all legal services needed for companies. As a permanent legal consultant for the company, the company will be able to spend legal fees more effectively.

Also, companies shouldn’t worry about company confidentiality because we are committed to protecting the company’s legal interests and prioritizing all handling of company legal issues based on ethical principles. We can also represent the company in business matters being faced (Including Subpoenaing, Mediation, and Negotiations), including preparing and managing Licensing documents, Contracts, and other documents for both Company Internal and External Companies, and conducting legal audits regularly every year to determine the compliance level of the company to the applicable legal rules because the rules are dynamic and there are always changes so that companies need to adjust them.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (Mediation, Negotiation, Arbitration)

We always try to resolve legal problems outside the courtroom so they can be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is undeniable that currently there is a tendency to resolve disputes out of courtroom, namely by the alternative dispute resolution.

Alternative dispute resolution (mediation, negotiation, and arbitration) requires the expertise of experienced legal professionals and flexibility in dealing with the parties to find the best solution to the problem. We are here to resolve various legal issues through alternative dispute resolutions that are well accepted by the parties involved.

Litigation in Court

Ronny Indrawan & Associates has advocates who already have the Minutes of Oath and are registered in professional advocate organizations also have experience in representing the parties to litigation in courts in all judicial environments from the first level, appeal to cassation.